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Our mission:

  • The Integumentary Management Laboratory (IML) focuses on seeking cure and preventative strategies for integumentary disorders, specifically chronic wounds such as pressure ulcers and diabetic ulcers. This lab contains two major research tracks: clinical and bioengineering. Learn more

Research Projects/ Interests:

  • Non-invasive skin blood flow and tissue oxygenation measurements to examine microcirculatory responses in people at risk of wound development, including spinal cord injury, and diabetes.
  • Investigate alternative strategies to accelerate chronic wound healing.
  • Implement biological signal processing techniques to examine the underlying control mechanisms of the blood flow responses. Learn more

Our personnel:

  • At IML, we have members who are international and have diverse cultures and backgrounds. We are friendly, respectful, helpful and most importantly, hard-working. We are always looking for new members to join our team. Join us!


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News and Events

MS student Varsha Rao won the Best Student Poster Award at the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel 2017 Biennial Conference.